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wowfix.com wrote on 18th April 5pm
Name Author Category Rating Size Runtime Language Links
Patch Day: Wow Patch 6.2, Mythic Dungeons, Hellfire Citadel & More! Underground -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      Check out the full bits of information at http://www.wowhead.com & http://www.mmo-champion.com

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Addon Changes

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wowfix.com wrote on 18th April 4pm
Name Languages Rating Author Version Link
BigWigs Bossmods 4.85 funkydude cursegaming
r13053 wowinterface

TotemTimers -?- Xianghar cursegaming
11.1.14 wowinterface

BadBoy -?- funkydude v3.3.0.0 uiworldofwar
81960 wowace
v12.557 wowinterface

d -?- DugiGuides uiworldofwar
3.110 wowinterface

-?- 10leej uiworldofwar
82186 wowace
6.0.8b1 wowinterface

LittleWigs -?- funkydude cursegaming
81753 wowace
r1220 wowinterface

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