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wowfix.com wrote on 21st August 5pm
Name Author Category Rating Size Runtime Language Links
Finisher 2 - Unholy & Frost Death Knight PvP 5.4.8, Legendary Duels, Arena and Bgs PvP -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      While the alliance battles Garrosh's new horde army in Orgrimmar, the shadow council (responsible fo...

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Addon Changes

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wowfix.com wrote on 21st August 4pm
Name Languages Rating Author Version Link
Titan Panel -?- nasapunk88 cursegaming
v4.2.0.1 uiworldofwar
3.4 wowinterface

Mount -?- Yafis uiworldofwar
77682.3 wowace
1.0 wowinterface

d -?- Tarkumi uiworldofwar
1.1 wowinterface

-?- Zensunim uiworldofwar
82186 wowace
4.33 wowinterface

QuestLevel -?- iceeagle 2.8 cursegaming
v1.11 wowinterface

My Voice Controller -?- Sauron99 wowinterface

SciolistMap -?- hermit 1.00 wowinterface

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