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Name Author Category Rating Size Runtime Language Links
Drushak & Boris Adventures - Begin Machinima -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      Subscribe if you like my videos and would like to see more :) http://www.youtube.com/subscription_ce...

Gou - 5.4 Destruction Warlock PvP PvP -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      Hey this is my Warlock PvP video that i worked pretty hard on. It consists of 2v2's, 1v1's, and HUGE...

Houdz and Shynox: High Rated RM PvP -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      Sup Guys! It's finally done! I can release my first serious project for you!I really hope you will l...

Warlock 1v2 Arena PvP -?- 0 Mb 0min View

Maiik I PvP -?- 0 Mb 0min View

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Addon Changes

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wowfix.com wrote on 1st September 4pm
Name Languages Rating Author Version Link
d -?- allikitten uiworldofwar
v1.2.5 wowinterface

-?- p3lim uiworldofwar
82186 wowace
50400.15-Release wowinterface

oUF_P3lim -?- p3lim 78170 wowace
50400.20-Release wowinterface

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