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New Movies

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wowfix.com wrote on 23rd July 5pm
Name Author Category Rating Size Runtime Language Links
Dragon Strike Team: Episode 12 - Journey, Part I Machinima -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      One year after the events of episode eleven. The group finally graduates as fully fledged Wardens of...

Squan - Across The Future PvP -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      Its just for Fun. I have to improve my skills :D But i hope you enjoy :)

Return of the Lich King (Machinima Trailer) - World of Warcraft Machinima -?- 0 Mb 0min View
      The Lich King will return in this year World of Warcraft machinima movie what I'm making now. I had ...

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Addon Changes

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wowfix.com wrote on 23rd July 4pm
Name Languages Rating Author Version Link
d -?- liquidbase uiworldofwar
8.0003 wowinterface

-?- Gello uiworldofwar
82186 wowace
2.2.0-beta01 wowinterface

AtlasWorld -?- arith v2.4.3.1 uiworldofwar
v3.07 wowinterface

Accountant Classic -?- arith cursegaming
2.5.20 wowinterface

Discord Art -?- Fizzlemizz 5.0.18 wowinterface

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