News on Your Own Website?

It's Easy! We've done all the hard work and created a system that allows you to integrate news directly onto your webpage. Quick to install!. Dreary or stale guild homepages or blogs are a thing of the past. You'll have well informed and entertained visitors to your website from now on.

What you need:
  • PHP4 or 5 (everyone has it). PHP4 requires DOM XML.

How do I get it going?

The following steps will get you started in no time:

180px wide
600px wide
180px wide
600px wide
180px wide
600px wide
  • Click to download any of the pre-made example above, or the default code here - Updated 2nd July 2007.

  • Extract the file contents (wowfixclient.php) into your web homepage directory.

  • Add <?php include_once("wowfixclient.php"); ?> anywhere between the html 'body' tags where the news is to be displayed.

That's it!

Example sites that are using the news feed: (small 180px version) (small custom version) (custom version)


How much can I customize the news I receive?
       The default settings are ideal for a quick start or for inexperienced webmasters (no editing required!). Editing the clearly marked configuration variables on top of the wowfixclient.php file allows you to customize the output. Example configuration options are: Width of display, choice of section types (News, Blue, Daily, Other), how many news articles to display, output type (xhtml, custom) including the use of our stylesheets, and more. It's all very easy as there are less than 8 options that can can be changed and good descriptions for each option are in the wowfixclient.php file.

Will it interfere with anything else I have installed?
       No. The supplied client only uses one file (wowfixclient.php), one global variable ($wfconfig), and functions prefixed with 'wf_' that are necessary for news to be collected and displayed. We've taken great care to ensure your news feed install will be working within seconds and on your first try.

I don't have any web design skills, help me?
       Don't worry, we've got a selection of designs for you to choose from. The configuration option "displaycss" allows you to choose stylesheets that we've pre-made and our script will do the rest. We've made the extra effort so you don't have to.

I have 1337 web design skills, what can I change?
       As good as the defaults are we've allowed for complete customization of the output. There are two ways to approach customization. If you have good CSS / design skills and weak PHP we suggest downloading our /css/article.css and incorporating desired changes into your stylesheet and then setting the configuration option "displaytype" to xhtml and "displaycss" to none. Otherwise if you have even small PHP skills set the "displaytype" to custom then control the output by editing function wf_displaycustom().

Will this news feed increase our bandwidth?
       Only very little. We have programmed a cache system that does away with the need of your server coming to us for every visitor. Even if you get thousands of visitors every 15 minutes, you will only be needing to get news from us ONCE during that time.


It didn't work first go, what happened?
       Occasionally this can happen to the best of us. The default configuration has debug turned off. Set "debug" to 1 in the script configuration to enable debug output. When the news is processed on your webpage it will debug easily understandable output to help you find the problem. Be sure to set it back to 0 when you fix the issue.

I keep getting "Array ( [0] => processing as php4/5 )" at the bottom of the news, how do I get rid of it?
       What you are seeing is debug. Set "debug" to 0 in the script configuration to remove this and any other any debug output.

Debug "/tmp is not a directory"?
       The intelligent cache system needs to be able to write the news to the harddisk on your webserver. This file is very small but it is necessary for smooth operation. 80% or more of webservers are *nix based and hence /tmp should be able to be written to. Another suggestion is '.' or "dot" (meaning current directory). Failing that, ask your web hosting provider for a directory that your web scripts can write small (< 30k) temporary files to.

Debug "could not create file in tmpdir"?
       See above. Also, be sure your httpd (Apache / IIS / Lighttpd) process has write permissions on the directory.

Your troubleshooting hasn't helped, now what?
       Be sure to enter an accurate description of your problem and a return email address using Suggestion Box.

About The RSS Feed

The RSS feed uses the latest v2.0 definition and can be accessed at As this feed adheres to the rules in the RFC, all RSS readers should have no problem reading and manipulating the data. As with all things we do here at we are not satisfied with what the average website does and we have taken it to another level. We have allowed you to customize the feed to better suit your needs via options in the URL.

These options currently are:
  • Articles, optional url variable name of 'a'. Setting the variable to a number between 1 and 15 allows you to control how many articles are returned. When not specified the default number of articles returned is 8. e.g will return the latest 4 articles.

  • Sections, optional url variable name of 's'. Current sections are News (1), Blue (2), Daily (4), Other (8). When deciding which sections you would like returned, sum up the numbers beside the desired section for the value used in the URL. e.g. You would like Blue and Daily sections only in your feed. Blue has a value of 2, and Daily has a value of 4, together they make a section sum of 6. Therefore will only return Blue and Daily articles. The default sections returned are News, Blue, and Daily (sum of 7).

  • Show Modded, optional url variable name of 'm'. Setting to 1 will include articles that are modded into the feed. When not specified, modded articles will not be included. e.g will return the last 8 articles including those that are modded.

  • Custom, optional url variable name of 'c'. For advanced users only. When set to 1 will extend the information in the RSS feed beyond what is normally allowed in the RSS RFC specification. Typical RSS readers will not be able to take advantage of the extra information supplied.

You can also combine the options above to create a very custom feed. For example the last 3 Daily articles:

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